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Polyester DTY

100% Polyester filament yarn. The Polyester DTY is Draw Texturing Yarn. It’s also known as polyester low elastic yarn. It is the finished yarn after continuous or simultaneous stretching and deformation processing on a machine. DTY intermingled yarn: intermingled yarn refers to the each filament intertwined with each other in a periodic network point in the network nozzle under the action of jet airflow. Intermingled processing used in POY, DTY and FDY processing. Intermingled technology and the intermingled DTY technology combined with manufacturing low stretch yarn, both of the textured yarn fluffy and good elasticity, and there are a lot of cyclical and intermingled point, improves the tightness of filament, eliminating the textile processing of several working procedure, and can improve the ability to tow by water jet loom. Polyester Low elastic yarn have high bulk, comfortable, soft luster, insulating, stays with general polyester fiber fracture strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat styling, good resilienc, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, washable quick-drying, etc. It is an ideal raw material, knitting, weaving processing is suitable for making fabric, bedding, and decoration articles, etc. Polyester DTY also has the function of sewing, which is required for all garment cutting pieces. Since the main purpose of stitching is to prevent the yarn from coming loose, the strength of stitching edges is not high.

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