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Professional Knowledge About Masks

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 01-19-2020      Origin: Site

N series is American standard

KN series is Chinese standard

FFP series is European standard

The larger the number, the higher the protection level. It is easier to understand with a formula FFP3>FFP2=N95=KN95>KN90

Those with a V at the end of the number indicate a valve.

All the ones starting with 95 are N95 series. The 90 series is not as high as 95, but it can resist more than 90%, which is much better than ordinary masks.

In general, the N95 series is sufficient for fighting viruses and flu.

Given that everyone is confused about the choice of masks, here are some different standards for masks.

The model and implementation standards of the mask are printed on the left side of the mask. You can purchase masks according to this

[One | Masks are divided into three standards]

N95 is produced according to the American standard NOISH, the manufacturers are 3M and Honeywell

FFP2 is the European standard EN149

All masks printed on the implementation standard are these three types are qualified masks

【Two | Medical N95 and General N96】

Medical N95 masks need to be protected against high-pressure liquid splashes, so they have a higher standard than ordinary N95; taking 3M as an example, models 1860 and 9132 are the most commonly used medical protective masks. In addition, there are 1860s for children.

Ordinary people or medical staff who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid splashes can choose ordinary N95 masks that meet the NOISH standard.

[Three | FFP2 and FFP3]

European manufacturers of FFP2 standard masks include German UVEX, etc.

FFP3 is a higher level (99) protective mask

【Four | KN95】

Ordinary people and medical staff who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid splashes can use ordinary KN95 masks.

[5 | With valve or without valve]

Ordinary masks with valves are more comfortable, but medical masks are not allowed to have valves.

When ordinary people are infected or suspected of being infected, they must choose medical masks without valves!

【Six | Medical surgical masks】

Common standards are YY0469-2010 or YY0469-2011

It is printed on the individual outer packaging of each mask

The 1860 / 1870+ model is used for medical operations, preventing moisture and dust, etc.

8210/8511 models are used for construction projects, dust prevention, etc.

9210+ model is used in industrial engineering to prevent sand, dust and corrosion, etc.

Although the two models purchased abroad (including the famous 3M brand) are all N95, they are purely dust-proof masks for construction and only prevent suspended particles/fine dust/pollen. Not anti-virus at all! It is expensive but has no effect on new pneumonia! It must be seen clearly!

N95 is a mask grade. Please remember the model 1860 / 1870+ when you buy it, or those with anti virus, surgical, flu-fighter words, otherwise they are useless.

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